Interior design is a complex process of creating your future home even before the renovation begins. This work will allow you to plunge into the main nuances even before any alterations, and really understand and feel your true desires. This is a long and painstaking work to bring all the conceived ideas and concepts to life.

It is the work of a specialist to create harmonious and comfortable space, with its own character and unique solution, which is determined only by you, based on your personal requirements and desires. 

A great opportunity to avoid many common mistakes is to save on performing construction and repair work, relying on our experience and knowledge. 

But first of all, it is beauty multiplied by functionality, resulting in your future home.

Your project is in the hands of a professional!

In 2009 graduated from TIB with a degree in Interior Design. 

Worked in various studios, took part in many interesting projects.

Gained a lot of experience and opened my own design bureau in 2012.

I love my job and my task is to create and translate your wishes into a high-quality project.

Anna Shabunina, designer