• Location: Tomsk
  • Date: 2014-02-03 21:00:00
  • Category: Concepts

The object area is 11 sq. m.

The design of the yoga house is done in the popular now eco-style. Plywood is used as much as possible being an inexpensive and resistant material that is very popular in finishing today.  An interesting shaped shelving unit, a massive table and part of the wall is made of it.The wall adjacent to the reception area is sheathed with bars. A large pattern is one of the main project elements, which is made by wood burning technology.

This design project uses the innovative and progressive approach that is so popular nowadays. And the use of modern technological solutions in the interior is gaining more and more fans every day. The eco style in this case helps to bring a person closer to nature, using natural materials and colors. The atmosphere will help you to relax and concentrate as much as possible. That is all you need for a reconnection center with your element.